Homesteaders in Wisconsin and Michigan, what are your experiences there?

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I'm asking because I've decided that's where I'm most likely going to buy land.

I was born in California. Lived most my life in Arkansas (with a brief period in Georgia) and the rest in my home state. I'm currently an Electrician's Apprentice. I'm going to stay here for a few years, becoming a journeyman in order to save up as much money as I can then transfer over to either of those states.

I've lived in the heat and I've lived where there's snow. I need snow. I need all 4 seasons. Especially Fall and Winter. I'm just happier during those seasons. I understand there's a shorter growing period, but quite frankly I don't care. I'd rather freeze to death than die of heat stroke. Besides, the hunting is much better in those states and land is cheaper.

I'm looking for your experiences in buying land, building a house, animals, laws, etc etc. I most likely will build my own home seeing as the program I am in is teaching us both residential and commercial wiring.

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