Homemade Teacup Candles

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Looking for the perfect homemade gift to make for your friends? These simple little homemade teacup candles are beautiful and elegant, yet so easy to make!

Homemade Tea Cup Candles

Homemade Teacup Candles

A long time ago I saw the idea for this on a book cover in a bookstore on vacation and I thought it was so cute! You can make these candles very inexpensively if you shop smart and they make a wonderful gift. Plus the teacups can be reused and you can make more candles when you’ve burned through one!

How to Make Homemade Teacup Candles

Supplies for homemade Teacup Candles:

  • Empty and clean Tin Can or Candle Pitcher
  • Wax
  • Wick
  • Teacups
  • Tape
  • Scissors

These candles can be made for a very inexpensive price if you find your supplies on sale, use coupons for the craft stores, and get the teacups from a thrift store. You could also make these with Beeswax like these Beeswax Candles or with Soy like these Soy Candles.

I found a big chunk of wax for half price at Hobby Lobby with their weekly coupon, if you watch for sales you can get all their candles supplies for half price. I’ve also used leftover pieces of wax from old candles. Just be sure to watch which scents you are mixing together if you are using leftover wax from old scented candles.

  1. Put the chunks of wax in the tin can or in the candle pitcher. Put the tin can in the middle of a saucepan of boiling water. This way it melts correctly and doesn’t make a big huge mess in your cookware. Be aware that if you have too much water in your saucepan, your wax container might float up. Try to keep less than an inch of water in the pan to prevent this.
  2. Cut a piece of wick to be slightly longer than the teacup. Tape one end to the bottom of the cup and wrap the other end around a pencil or pen. If you want to skip the taping and the pencil, you can always get pre-waxed Candle Wicks with Tabs and just set them down in the bottom of your teacup. If you use these, it may help to secure the tab to the teacup with a dab of hot glue.
  3. When the wax has melted pour it into the teacup. Try and keep the wick as straight as possible and keep the end out of the wax.
  4. Let the wax cool for at least 2-3 hours and then cut the wicks. While they are cooling you can add a little spice (nutmeg or cinnamon on top) to make it look like a little-spiced drink.

Teacup Candles

Cost for Homemade Teacup Candles project:

  • Teacups: $0.10 – $1 each (get them from the thrift store!)
  • Wax: About $0.25 – $0.50
  • Wick – About $0.10

Final cost: Around $0.45  to $1.60 for 2 candles depending on how much you can get the supplies for.

These are such a fun, simple project and they always make a great gift because they are so cute! Give them as a gift on their own, wrapped up in some pretty cellophane or add them to a Time to Yourself Gift Basket for a larger gift.

Do you have someone that you can make and gift these homemade Teacup Candles to this year?

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