Guns For Sale – For a Friend

Hey guys, thanks for checking this out.

A friend of the homestead recently lost her husband last year and she is trying to sell off some guns to help pay for her trip to Israel. And since I have a pro-gun audience that likes to help people out, what better way to give her some spending money for her trip and allow a fan of the homestead to get a good firearm.

So here is how this works. If you are interested in one of these firearms, go ahead and contact me RIGHT AWAY with the contact page and I will forward your info on to the seller for you to make the purchase. All laws will be followed. Age 18 for long guns and 21 for the revolver.

1. Taurus 85 – $250
2. Pardner 20 Gauge shotgun – $200
3. Henry .357 BigBoy Carbine – $700

The Henry is in exceptional shape and very hard to come by in that pistol caliber. It’s also the trapper model meaning it has the short barrel.
Send me a message on the contact page if interested. Don’t leave a comment. You have to use the contact page. THANKS!







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