A Thrifty Supper – Old Fashioned Goulash Recipe

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When I was growing up, a good Homemade old fashioned Goulash recipe was a staple in our household. And why not? It’s frugal, easy to make, and it dirties very few dishes. It’s the perfect recipe for a busy family!

Homemade Goulash in a Green dish on a pink background.

Homemade Old Fashioned Goulash Recipe

My children now love to eat this simple recipe because it’s so tasty and what child doesn’t love noodles? This recipe is perfect for using home canned tomatoes because you need the liquid for cooking the pasta. You can use fresh tomatoes but you will need to add some kind of liquid (water or beef broth) to be able to cook the noodles.

Old Fashioned Homemade Goulash Recipe

  • 1 pint Canned Tomatoes (Can also use 2 cups canned diced or stewed tomatoes. Do not drain.)
  • 16 oz. Pasta (Use whatever you have!)
  • 1 pound Ground Beef
  • 1 medium Onion
  • 1 tablespoon Minced Garlic (fresh or dried)
  • Salt and Pepper (To taste)
  1. Brown up hamburger first with onion. 

  2. Add in the garlic. 

  3. Pour in tomatoes and all the liquid with them.

  4. Add in the noodles and cook until the noodles are al dente.

Serve your old fashioned Goulash Recipe with a side salad and some fresh veggies. We love serving it with green beans because that just seems to go together. This is a wonderful hearty dish that should be able to fill up even the hungriest eater.

How long is Homemade Goulash good for?

I like to store leftovers from our old fashioned Goulash recipe for no longer than a week in the fridge. After that, the noodles are so great anymore.

How to make Homemade Goulash Soup?

You could easily turn this recipe into a tasty soup! Put all of the ingredients together in a large saucepan or a stockpot and add some tomato sauce and some homemade broth until it creates a soup instead of a fried dish.

What is the history of goulash?

This is kind of fun and interesting to know. Maybe something to share around the family table while you are enjoying the old fashioned goulash recipe at home! The origins of goulash came from Hungary where it was made to be fed to Hungarian herdsman while they were tending their sheep. It quickly spread to other European countries. The recipe I have here most closely resembles German Gulasch because my family is mostly German and this recipe came from my paternal grandmother. It’s common to see German Gulasch or any goulash made into a soup and have the addition of paprika, but this is how my grandma and my mom made it so this is the recipe I’m passing down to you.

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Has your family ever had goulash? Is your recipe similar to my old fashioned goulash recipe?

This recipe for Old Fashioned Goulash was originally published on Little House Living in July 2009. It has been updated as of December 2018.

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